Greece, Germany: A Domestic pet-based non-profit organization called Lemnos Dog Shelter introduced their stunning Volunteer, Olympus, who has stayed with them as a foster dog since he was brought to their shelter this year in July 2023.

The Lemnos Dog Shelter is a Germany-based Non-profit Organisation which works as volunteers to provide shelter and homage to rescued and abandoned dogs.


Some time ago, Olympus turned up at a volunteer’s home. He wasn’t chipped, and no one came looking for him, so he stayed with the Volunteer as a foster dog for a while.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay there forever, so he was brought to the shelter in July this year (2023).

Olympus is about 1.5-2 years old. He’s a healthy 23.5-kilogram dog. He’s a stunning guy with a beautiful face, a strong and proud posture and a little white tail tip.

Because he’s so beautiful, he has a lot of female friends, so if there is another dog in a future home, it should probably be a female. He fancies and prefers females.

He’s a kind soul who’s easy to bond with. He wants you to cuddle him, and he can jump on you to prove how much he loves you.
When it comes to cats, he doesn’t seem to be very interested in them, but he’ll need a proper introduction if he should live with a cat.

He would love to live with kids, but as he’s a little jumpy, they’d better be a bit older so he doesn’t knock them over.


Olympus walks nicely on a leash and would love to go for long walks with his new owner. And even if he’s lived for a while in a home, his future family will need to be patient with him and help him understand what it’s like to live as a family dog. Time and patience are always keys when taking care of a rescue dog.

Further, while looking for the foster families, the Lemnos Dog Shelter raised questions to the people and asked them if they were the ones who could give their handsome Olympus all the love he deserved.

The Lemnos Dog Shelter mainly adopts dogs from families in the UK, Canada, Germany and Sweden. They don’t use any criteria or have no adoption forms, price info, etc.

For more information, contact

The Lemons shelter also had some successful direct adoptions to Austria and had a small network of adopters.

They also have connections to the US, Denmark and the Netherlands. Adoptions usually occur through organizations to ensure that the dogs’ adoptions are supported should any issues arise or the families’ circumstances change. Adoption procedures, home checks, donations, etc., vary per org.


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