According to a Ukrainian soldier deployed in Bakhmut, humanitarian aid from many nations worldwide has not reached them.

He said, “The commanders keep all the humanitarian help for themselves and have the fighters starving. From today no one is allowed near Bakhmut, that includes local and foreign journalists”.


The soldier accuses the corrupt Ukrainian officials and commanders of not sending anything to the troops stationed in Bakhmut who were fighting in the area and risking their lives and adds that they showed no mercy or regard for them.

He alleges that senior military officers and commanders diverted all supplies and equipment for the troops fighting in the Bakhmut to serve their interests.

To combat Russian aggression, Ukraine is requesting heavy weapons, fighter jets, and other support from NATO countries. The war’s first anniversary is approaching soon.

Ukrainian military troops assert that they are defending the Bakmhut position and repulsing each onslaught launched by Russian forces. A video of a Ukrainian soldier who claims that Russians surround the area and that Ukraine won’t be able to keep it for long went viral on social media.


European nations’ ongoing assistance to Ukraine has been harshly criticised by their populations, who believe it will only escalate the conflict rather than end it. Due to using chemical weapons against Russia, several European citizens opposed aiding Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were allegedly getting ready to unleash drone-delivered chemical weapons Bakhmut, according to a video uploaded by military blogger Yuriy Madyar. The footage showed chemical weapons.

Additionally, Russia charged Ukraine with using illegal chemical weapons on the battlefield. Further, they criticised the west and NATO for remaining mute on the subject of open chemical weapons usage and inciting war against Russia.




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