Kancelaria Prezydenta, chancellor of Poland, has recently issued his statement on Tuesday’s missile attack on Poland, which leads to the death of two Poland nationalists on a farm near the Ukrainian border.

Prezydenta stated, ”After the attack, we are in direct contact with NATO. For now, we do not have any circumstantial evidence proving it was an attack on Poland. The Pentagon is investigating the conflict deeply, and according to their conclusion, NATO allies will act. Although the incident triggered a severe clash with Russia, it is expected that the rocket accidentally fell into Poland’s territory”.


He stated, ”There is no evidence that Russia attacked Poland on purpose, despite the fact that the rocket that landed on Polish soil was identified as an S-300, a Soviet-made surface-to-air missile primarily used for air defence. According to experts, the missile’s remnants fell in Poland after being shot down by Ukrainian air defences”.

”It shouldn’t be regarded as an assault. However, because of the situation’s sensitivity, Poland and NATO are still awaiting the Pentagon’s investigation findings. A NATO nation is assaulted for the first time since the beginning of Russia Ukraine war”.

Following the conflict, President Joe Biden made the same statement. He emphasised, ”We cannot blame Russia directly for the incident yesterday and that the USA and NATO would handle the matter according to the available evidence”.

Following the incident, Poland’s military and defence forces are on high alert, raising public anxieties. Poland shouldn’t be concerned about the army’s and services’ expanded presence, stated chancellor Prezydenta.

He noted, ”The government of Poland consciously made a choice. The situation is under control, and NATO members are providing significant solidarity support to ensure the country’s safety”. He advised the people of Poland to maintain their composure and carry on with their everyday duties.


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