Kira Rudik, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, stated that Ukraine will not stop until taking back every single piece of the land Russia occupied, including Crimea.

In her statement, She highlighted the liberation of Kherson. She stated that the country is proud of its soldiers who bravely fought with Russian troops and freed the region from Russian aggression.


Rudik highlighted that the Russians fled away from the battlefield, ” they are experts in doing so. When they attacked Kherson, President Vladimir Putin said Russia will stay there forever. But they left in five minutes and ran like goats”.

Rudik thanked NATO and its allies for providing continuous supplies of weapons and other equipment to defend itself against Russian aggression. She requested the supporters to assist the Ukrainian military in liberating their lands and finishing this war once and for all.

Recently, Russia officially declared its withdrawal from Kherson as they are no longer in a state to keep the city supplied. Russia’s troops stormed into the area, despite Ukraine’s continued caution on their plan. Residents celebrated their first few hours of freedom by waving blue and yellow flags.

President Zelensky also visited the liberated regions of Kherson and met with Ukrainian soldiers. He said, ” Russia occupied Kherson regions in the early stages of the war. Its liberation is a major setback for Russia”.

As per reports given by Reuters, President Zelensky was communicating with a crowd gathered in Kherson’s main square. They waved Ukrainian flags and wore them across their shoulders.

On her Twitter account, Rudik shares a video of a Ukrainian soldier who met her grandmother after eight months ( since the war started). Her grandmother welcomed him, sitting on her knees.



It’s sad to think that several mothers, sisters and wives waiting for their loved ones can never see them again. It is estimated that more than 14,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in this war, but the actual numbers are pretty high.

According to the US, 2,00,000 casualties have been reported from both sides.


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