Paris, November 19, 2023 — In a powerful display of solidarity, a diverse crowd, including prominent figures such as actors Isabelle Adjani and Emmanuelle Beart, marched from the Arab World Institute towards the Museum of Art and History of Judaism in Paris on Sunday. 

The peaceful demonstration aimed to draw attention to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and promote a call for peace amid escalating tensions.


Nadia Fares, a participant in the march, highlighted the stark contrast between the peaceful Parisian sky and the harsh reality in Israel and Palestine. 

“We have a blue sky on top of our head today, and in Israel, in Palestine, they’re having bombs, they’re having war. We’re not helping the situation by choosing sides or throwing hate on one side or another,” she passionately expressed.

According to Fares, the silent march was intended to “balance, hopefully, the cacophony we have all over the world.” It symbolized a plea for a cessation of hostilities and a space for reflection amidst the global unrest.

France, home to significant Jewish and Muslim communities, has witnessed weeks of protests and heightened tensions since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war. 

The French government is actively advocating for a truce to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Simultaneously, diplomatic efforts are underway to secure the release of eight French hostages held by Hamas. 

The October 7 Hamas attack in southern Israel claimed the lives of 40 French citizens, further intensifying the gravity of the situation.


French President Emmanuel Macron has been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts, recently speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and the leaders of Qatar and Egypt. 

Macron affirmed his support for Israel’s right to defend itself but expressed concern over the significant civilian casualties in Gaza. 

In a statement, the French President urged an immediate humanitarian truce, leading to a comprehensive cease-fire. He also called for a renewed commitment to diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a two-state solution.

Saturday saw thousands of pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists rallying in Paris and across Britain, echoing the global call for a cease-fire. 

These demonstrations are part of a series of protests held in major cities worldwide since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In a poignant moment outside the Paris Holocaust Memorial, survivors of Nazi atrocities during World War II joined forces with young Jewish activists. 

Their collective aim was to draw attention to the alarming rise in antisemitic hate speech, graffiti, and abuse linked to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

As the international community grapples with the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict, voices from Paris and beyond are uniting in a plea for peace. 

The silent march in the heart of the French capital symbolizes a shared hope for an end to the violence and a renewed commitment to finding diplomatic solutions to pursue lasting stability in the region.


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