Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, discussed Ukraine’s preparation for winter as Ukraine struggles to meet the requirements needed in winter due to continuous Russian strikes and attacks over energy infrastructures.

While communicating on the phone, minister Rute encouraged president Zelenskyy for his efforts and contribution to their country. He remarked that ”Ukraine will not stand alone; the Netherlands is providing military assistance and helping with repairs to civilian infrastructure. We will not abandon Ukraine”.


Zelensky responded to Mark Rutte by expressing his gratitude for the Netherlands’ assistance. The Ukrainian people have suffered since the war started due to Russia’s persistent targeting of civilian areas and energy sectors. He pleaded with Minister Rute and other European countries to support Ukraine to stop Russian aggression and liberate the Ukrainian regions occupied by Russian forces.

Since October 19, when Russia destroyed Ukraine’s electrical grid, Kyiv has been without power. Neither electricity nor water supplies exist in the area. According to President Zelenskyy, The power grid and energy infrastructure were severely damaged by the Russian airstrike, and the entire region’s supply will be turned off to prevent another hit.

As per reports by Dutch Prime minister, military assistance package costing 120 million Euros ($120.3 million), the Netherlands, the United States, and the Czech Republic would provide Ukraine with military hardware, particularly 90 tanks.

On the other hand, After Kyiv’s forces advanced with a counteroffensive, Russian troops were told to leave Kherson. This southern Ukrainian city was the first significant urban centre taken in its invasion. Ukrainian forces have liberated several regions of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops since they launched the counteroffensive on July 27.

To end the war once and for all and restore peace and sovereignty worldwide, President Zelenskky requested European nations and the USA to provide military aid to Ukraine.


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