Roseau, Dominica: The Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development- Melissa Skerrit, is all set to host a Women’s Symposium at the Fort Youngs Hotel this Saturday. 

The Symposium will be held under the theme, ‘Find Your Peace and Purpose’ and will bring a lot of insightful sessions and opportunities for women across the nation. 


Minister Skerrit took to her social media handle (Facebook) on Monday and encouraged the community women not to miss the opportunity to join this amazing event. 

“Don’t miss this awesome event!! Empowered women, empowering women! Meet one of our many inspiring speakers,” she mentioned.

The Women Symposium will be an interactive and engaging event, which will be joined by Minister Melissa Skerrit herself along with several facilitators, including Dr Thesla Witz Lewis, DBA Leadership and Organisation Psychology and Donna Hinkson, the Financial Planner.

Dr Lewis will deliver the featured address at the event, with over thirty-five years of experience in both private and public sectors, with leading executive roles in male-dominated careers to this dynamic stage.

The event will be held with a special dress code of Pink and Purple and address several critical everyday challenges that women face in their daily lives and feature various activities, including:

• Address Critical Everyday Issues Faced by Women in Society


• Purple Eats and Drinks provided

• Entertainment and Gifts

Such an event is anticipated to inhale confidence among women and exhale doubts. It is being organised under the patronage of the Melissa Skerrit Foundation, ‘When People care, great things happen’.

About Dr Thesla Witz Lewis

The Featured speaker, Dr Thesla Witz Lewis, is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse educational background and experiences. 

She has great expertise in Business, and Management, which has led her to speak at several regional conferences, as a featured speaker, academic advisor, Guest speaker and motivational speaker. 

She holds a special certification in Tourism and Hospitality studies, including building, maintenance, cleaning services, sales and Marketing strategies, Brand development, Dressmaking, Fashion design, online learning and dress methodologies.

She shared her expertise through her work, seminars, symposiums, conferences, workshops, coaching, and mentoring to develop people and organisations worldwide.


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