The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine, Nazovni, and the partnership of new posta, fondy UA and shop-express have developed a special program to promote Ukrainian businesses in the International Market.

Through this unique program, many Ukrainian local and big businesses can demonstrate their work and get promotions in the International Market.


As per the Update, Each participant of the program gets special conditions for sales abroad, including:

  1. Open their online store with a discount.
  2. Set up payments in 150+ currencies from 200+ countries of the world.
  3. Get free help from the Nazovni platform in promoting their goods in selected markets.
  4. Organize the delivery of goods and documents with a discount of up to 40% from the new mail.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine invites people to use the unique partnership development program to export Ukrainian goods. The program will help find buyers in European markets and adjust the delivery of goods.

The Special development program in Ukraine launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine, Nazovni came up with various opportunities for people regarding trade and commerce in the International Market and many more.

The other various Opportunities #Nazovni for business are as follows:

  1. Search and selection of promising markets for export to company products
  2. Sharing commercial offers and presentations of companies among foreign profile associations, business organizations, top, etc
  3. Provide information about the foreign market: leading sectors of the economy, the structure of imports in %, TOP-10 goods imported by the country, features of tender procedures, prohibited goods for export to the government, customs rates and fees, and other important information.
  4. Consultations on the features of doing business abroad
  5. Providing contacts of potential partners (counteragents)
  6. Assistance in setting up contacts with foreign contractors
  7. Current calendar of international exhibition events with píl міgovimi conditions of participation
  8. Participation in retail promotions at the entrance of chain stores in different countries



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