The Governmental Organisation of Belgium, which is identified as Diplomatie Belgium, felt pleasure and grateful to announce the visit of the King Willem-Alexender and Queen Maxima de Nedelanden from the Netherlands to Visite d’État des Pays-Bas en Belgium from Tuesday, June 20, 2023, to Thursday, June 22, 2023, at the invitation of King Filip and Queen Mathilde.

The Diplomatie Belgium is the Governmental organisation of Belgium that manages Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. The Diplomatie Belgium, while sharing the update of the visit of King Willem Alexender and Queen Maxima de Nadelandan, took to their official social media handle to express their gratitude and pleasure over the long-term friendship of Belgium and Netherlands. They also shared that the Country Netherlands have good relations with them, and they want it to strengthen it more.


As per the Update, The incoming state visit of the Netherlands to Belgium is over! Their Majesties, King Willem-Alexander, and Queen Máxima der Nederlanden, were in our country from June 20 to 22nd at the invitation of Their Majesties, King Filip and Queen Mathilde.

The Netherlands is not only a neighbouring country, but we are also good friends; the country has good ties with Belgium on different levels, and with this state visit, they wanted to strengthen it even more. Brussels, Charleroi, Leuven and Antwerp were visited in three days, focusing on biotech, culture and water management.

The state visit of the Netherlands to Belgium is over! Their Majesties, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited Belgium from June 20-22 at the invitation of Their Majesty King Philippe and Queen Mathilde.

Belgium and the Netherlands are as good neighbours as friends. The two countries have excellent relations in several areas, which this state visit has further strengthened. In three days, the royal couples visited Brussels, Charleroi, Louvain and Antwerp, where they focused on, among others, biotechnology, culture and water management.


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