In Vladivostok, a Ka-52 was spotted with the “export” OES L-418 “President-S” and in camouflage colours more appropriate for an African or Middle Eastern nation than for the Russian Aerospace Forces.


This statement was made by Twitter user @200 zoka, who posted images of Russian Kamov KA-52 alligator attack helicopters flying over Vladivostok. The funny part is that, according to the Twitter user, the camouflage used on these helicopters differed from the type of camouflage that Russia often uses.

The Middle East or Africa are the most appropriate regions for camouflage fashion. Iran and Egypt currently use the Russian assault helicopter. According to rumours, Nigeria may also possess the same helicopters Russia is presently utilising to launch raids into Ukrainian territory.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, three Russian Ka-52 gunship helicopters were shot down last night. Additionally, they assert that Ukrainian troops stationed in the area eliminated two SU-25, one Orlan drone, and two KH-59 missiles.

The Ukrainian military enjoyed great success as these helicopters acquired powerful firepower but were unable to reach their full potential. According to statements made on the Oryx site, at least 30 Ka-52s were lost during the first 11 months of the conflict, accounting for approximately half of all Russian helicopter losses in Ukraine.

The Russian Federation has experienced a full failure as a result of the deployment of these gunship helicopters on the battlefield since they consistently fail to accomplish their mission. Its coaxial rotary system and Russian engineering as a whole have brought up a lot of issues.

Shared videos of the Ka-52 chopper on social media have shown extreme shaking at high speeds. Another factor contributing to its failure is the helicopter’s vulnerability due to its poor manoeuvrability and lack of armour plates over its sensitive engine area.


Lack of strategy and experience are further factors that contributed to the Russian Air Force’s inability to unleash dominance. Russian Federation experienced a full nightmare as a result of inexperienced pilots and subpar fighting strategies.

Since the start of the conflict, Russia has lost 286 combat aircraft and 276 gunships, according to the Ukrainian Defense ministry.

The most modern and stealthy jet fighter in Russia, the SU-57, was allegedly shot down by Ukraine as well, claims Ukrainian defence forces, but the Russian Federation has made no such claims. Even the question of whether Russia has employed its stealth jet is unanswered.


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