North Carolina-based Governmental Official McKissick adopted a Pet through Storyteller’s Express Yesterday (Sunday), August 27, 2023, on National Dog Day. He extended his happiness and thanked all the volunteers for helping him to meet her.

As Yesterday was, ironically, National Dog Day, North Carolina-based McKissick adopted a puppy through Storyteller’s Express and offered this wonderful pet for adoption. The puppy, a bernedoodle, was rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio where she and five other puppies were about to be euthanized as they had not been sold because they were approaching four months old.

The puppy was transported to McKissick from New York State by nine volunteers who drove her through different legs of the trip until she arrived in Durham last night to her forever home.

Meanwhile, McKissick extended his pleasure and thanked the volunteers who helped transport her to him. “I can recall serving as a transporter for Storyteller’s several years ago when I drove a dog from Durham up to South Hill, Virginia, where I met another transporter who took the dog the next leg of the trip,” he added.

He also thanked the excellent transporters who generously volunteered their time to rescue pets and deliver them to good homes. He also shared a picture of Gracie and Brandy, who transported her to McKissick yesterday evening.

“She’s a wonderful, affectionate dog, who I hope will be with me for many years to come,” he further quoted.

Reportedly, National Dog Day For National Dog Day is introduced to bring forward fostering and introduce some of the available Carson Shelter dogs in foster homes.

Fostering is an invaluable and rewarding way to lend a hand. There is no prior experience needed. Multiple types of fostering exist, from orphaned animals who must be bottle-fed to adult pets recovering from surgeries.



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