The Belgium-based Omotola Loveth is pleased to have the opportunity to co-host an event organised by the Embassy of Nigeria in Belgium in partnership with Nigerain Community/Associations in Belgium in partnership with the Development Authority (NTDA) named Nigerian Arts and Cultural Festival in Antwerp.

As per the Updates, the Nigerian Arts and Cultural Festival was designed to promote Nigerian Culture and Art and Nigerian Tourism in Belgium.


The Belgium-based Omotola Loveth extended her pleasure and thanked the almighty for bringing her name into good people’s hearts to remember her for good.

She also thanked My husband for allowing her to fly and be her true self. “My No 1supportter,” she quoted.

Further, Omotola also thanked the event organisers, Fiddy-Ice, for hiring her, Katie-Ice for The Referral, Sis Lorita for the Refreshments, and Sis Anurika for the free ticket.

Later, while extending her gratitude, Omotola thanked her lovely neighbour who dropped her home after the event.

“P.S. If I tag you, I will say Excuse Me. I normally don’t tag people in my post because I believe I am invading their space, but I am doing this as my appreciation of your kind gesture towards me,” she added.

Furthermore, Omotola also thanked everyone who believed in her and for the gift God gave her.


“Still grooming it, not there yet, not perfect, but one day, I know and believe I shall get there,” she asserted.

Omotola shared that she’s stepping upward in Jesus’ name, Amen. she thanked the Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium and praised (The Nigerian Music Artist)for taking pictures with her.

In conclusion, Omotola added, “The rest of The pictures I can’t post because I do not Have consent to Enjoy your weekend, Good people.”





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