Paris, France: In a resounding display of opposition, hundreds of migrants and refugees took to the streets of Paris on Monday to protest against a proposed immigration bill that includes stricter deportation measures.

The demonstration coincided with the National Assembly’s review of the bill, prompting impassioned voices against what has been dubbed the ‘Darmanin law,’ named after France’s interior minister, Gerald Darmanin.


Footage from the protest captured a sea of protesters marching through the streets, brandishing flags and banners bearing slogans such as ‘Stop the immigration law,’ ‘I am someone,’ and ‘Fraternal revolution,’ among others.

The ‘Darmanin law’ has become a focal point for activists, reflecting concerns over its potential impact on the lives of migrants and the broader immigrant community.

Abubakar, an activist advocating for the rights of undocumented workers, emphasized the problematic narrative embedded in the bill.

He pointed out that the legislation implies an equation of ‘Immigrant = delinquent,’ dismissing the harsh realities that immigrants often undertake some of the most strenuous and underpaid jobs in the country.

“There’s no need for yet another law because this bill is based on a single idea, built on the fantasies of the far right, and we don’t want it,” Abubakar added, encapsulating the sentiment of those protesting on the streets of Paris.

The proposed legislation aims to streamline asylum procedures, address delays in the appeals process, and impose restrictions on family reunification.


While proponents argue that these measures are necessary for efficient immigration management, critics voice concerns that the bill will make the process of obtaining legal status in France more intricate for migrants and potentially lead to an uptick in deportations.

The demonstration underscored the broader societal divisions over immigration policies, with activists and advocacy groups calling for a more humane and inclusive approach to address the complexities of migration.

The ‘Darmanin law’ has become a lightning rod for these discussions, prompting a robust civic response in the form of protests.

As the National Assembly deliberates on the proposed immigration bill, the voices on the streets of Paris reflect a collective plea for policies that prioritize compassion, understanding, and fair treatment for those seeking refuge and a better life within the borders of France.

The outcome of this legislative process will likely shape the future landscape of immigration policies in the country.


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