Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre addressed the 16th annual Saint Lucia-Taiwan Trade Show 2023 at the Pavilion on the Ramp in Rodney Bay. The Trade show was held under the theme, “Sustaining Trade in the Digital Age”.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre enthusiastically championed the central role in fostering collaboration with the Republic of China during the Trade show. The trade show was a brilliant collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and the distinguished Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


While addressing the event, Prime Minister Philip said,” It’s not just an Event; it is the testament of the friendship between beloved two nations and the desire to develop our people”.

He urged the people in the manufacturing sector to convert themselves efficiently and create a new generation of indigenous business people.

Prime Minister Philip ensured the Government of Saint Lucia’s unwavering commitment to undertake the advancement of the nation.

The event was based on his commitment to embracing technologies and dedication to fostering innovation for a brighter and more prosperous future.

He highlighted that every exhibitor from Saint Lucia must have in their minds the creation of new-class entrepreneurs and indigenous business people. who not only produce for the local market but would also be experts and make a mark in the Global Economy.

Prime Minister Philip also reaffirmed the Government’s unwavering commitment to providing the necessary support to the manufacturing and service sectors for continued expansion. This would contribute to the nation’s economic well-being and prosperity.


He underscored that the nation’s government is continuously working to create a new generation of indigenous business people through the Youth Economy, the MSME Loan-Grant Facility and other initiatives by this administration.

He extended his pride and encouraged citizens to seize these opportunities and to play their part in the Development of our beloved country.