Around two people were killed after a lorry rammed into a neighbourhood party in Nieuw-Beijerland, Zuid-Holland on the evening of Saturday. The driver, a 46-year-old man from Spain, has been arrested, as per the police.
The large truck drove off a dike and into an ice skating club barbecue party around 6 p.m. on Saturday. Two witnesses said that the truck just stopped before the T-junction of the road, then began driving again and crashed into the crowd.
Meanwhile, on that night, police have reported that they were still not sure how many people had been killed as some were still trapped underneath the truck. Several victims were also taken to hospital, as per the police.
As per reports, at least three people had been killed, a police press release later clarified that at least two people had died.
Meanwhile, the truck driver, which had Spanish license plates, was uninjured. He was interrogated by the police immediately after the crash. Then he was arrested and taken to the police station. The driver’s role is being probed, police reported and police are “keeping all scenarios…open.”
A crime scene was set up and cordoned off to look what had actually happened at the accident spot in the hamlet of Zuidzijde in Nieuw-Beijerland on Saturday night. Police have seized the vehicle involved for technical examination, but have yet to say anything about the reason for the crash.
As per reports, victim support is available and there is a location for witnesses and victims set up near the accident spot.
At the same time, Mayor Wouter Kloff of the municipality of Dordrecht, who is also chair of the Zuid-Holland Zuid Security Region said that, “Emergency services are doing their utmost, but the impact is enormous. My thoughts are still with all victims, relatives, and first responders who do everything in their power.”


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