French President Emmanuel Macron took to social media on Monday, January 8, to motivate the citizens of France to embrace a daily exercise routine.

The timing of this call to action aligns with the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled to take place in Paris this summer, set to kick off on July 26.


President Macron’s video message, posted on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, showcased the leader donned in a T-shirt with boxing gloves slung over his shoulder, standing against the backdrop of a punching bag.

The 46-year-old president passionately urged his compatriots to engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily and, for those able, to extend the duration even further.

“Sports are beneficial for health and for lots of other things, and it’s also a way to make the Olympics part of our daily routine,” declared Macron.

The charismatic appeal from the head of state comes with just 200 days remaining until the Games commence, signalling a concerted effort by the government to make sports a cornerstone of national well-being.

In his video, President Macron emphasized the multifaceted advantages of regular physical activity, highlighting its positive impact not only on health but also on various aspects of daily life.

The call to action goes beyond personal well-being, framing exercise as a means to integrate the upcoming Olympics into the fabric of French society.


Macron’s vision is not just about the sporting spectacle but about fostering a culture of fitness and wellness that extends far beyond the summer event.

With the goal of promoting sports as a “great national cause” this year, Macron disclosed that the government is set to boost physical education instruction in schools.

By emphasizing the importance of sports from a young age, the administration aims to instill a sense of responsibility and commitment to a healthier lifestyle among the future generation.

The move aligns with a broader strategy to tackle sedentary lifestyles and promote well-being as a fundamental aspect of the national agenda.

As the countdown to the Paris Olympics begins, Macron’s initiative could not have come at a more opportune moment.

The global pandemic has brought the significance of health and well-being to the forefront, making the call for daily exercise particularly relevant.

The president’s hands-on approach, demonstrated by his own involvement in the campaign, adds a personal touch to the nationwide fitness movement.

The campaign also sheds light on the broader implications of hosting major sporting events. Beyond the excitement of competition, the Olympics serve as a catalyst for positive societal change.

Macron’s endeavour aims to leverage the global spotlight on Paris to instigate a long-lasting shift towards healthier living.

President Emmanuel Macron’s call for daily exercise is not merely a prelude to the Paris Olympics but a comprehensive initiative to revolutionize the health and well-being of the French nation.

With a commitment to making sports a great national cause, Macron is paving the way for a healthier and more active future for France, one that will extend far beyond the summer spectacle of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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