Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre encouraged students to remain diligent and attentive towards their studies at the beginning of their new Academic session 2023-24 on Monday, September 4, 2023.

He also extended his and Saint Lucia’s Government Support to continue to facilitate them for their education.


While urging the Students and wishing them all the best, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, in his official Facebook Caption, said, “Students, as you begin a new academic year, I encourage you to be diligent in your studies and to enjoy your time at school. Set goals and seize opportunities which will allow you to gain positive experiences and also contribute to your community.”

“Your parents, teachers and the government are supporting you. We will continue to provide avenues for you to realise your full potential; we believe in you.”

“May God guide you all on this journey. Remember to be kind, build friendships and grow in curiosity and success. All the best!”

Through his caption, Prime Minister Philip ensured the People and the students that he will continue to work diligently towards facilitating the Education System and providing avenues for them.

He wished students all the best for their future aspects and urged them to achieve greater heights of success.

Reportedly, the Education Ministry officials, including Education Minister Shawn Edward, visited several schools on the Islands to welcome the students and the school staff members. They wished the students all the best at the commencement of their new session.


During their visit, the Education Ministry officials were pleased to meet and interact with the students. Minister Shawn emphasised the importance of education in the student’s life. He also ensured his consistent support and back to uplift the nation’s education system.


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