The Germany-based Save the Children Deutschland organisation recognised the importance of transparency and openness to make their work for children worldwide possible. The Organisation also shared insights from its annual revenue, expenditure and project implementation report.

The Germany-based Save the Children Deutschland Organisation is a non-profitable organisation that aims to save and serve children’s rights worldwide. They also work to protect the Children’s rights to survival, protection, and education, which are under immediate threat.


While recognising the importance of transparency and openness, the Save the Children Deutschland came forward to share some insights about children in Ukraine, Somalia and Germany.

Read Here below to get insights into the affected lives of children.

Ukraine: “I lived where it all began in 2014.” Sofia, 16, was there when Russian tanks rolled into her street. She was homeschooling physics when she heard explosions. Today she lives with her grandmother in western Ukraine. Her home is destroyed. Yet she wants to go back home when the war is over. Because she spent her whole life there, destroyed within a few months.

Somalia: Nearly two million children under five are acutely malnourished. The doctors in our health centres treated more than 100,000 children and pregnant women in 2022, mostly against malnutrition. With success: Thanks to improved early detection, more and more patients can be discharged healthy.

Germany: With the project “MakerLabs – Open Spaces for the Digital Future”, Save the Children improves the perspective of children and young people who have to grow up with little money. Playfully, you learn how to program a robot to draw circles through the room. Children are introduced to the digital world and learn skills that will carry them throughout their lives.

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