South African-based Pamela Johnson from Belgium shared the benefits of Menopause while sharing her story. She is a full-time theatre nurse. She started her Gold Plan: having fruit veg, berry capsules, and protein shakes as part of her Shredit Detox plan a couple of years ago in Nov 2020.

During the initial phase, after starting her Gold Plan, she added Omegas to her diet, which helped her with his anxiety and low mood and improved her concentration. 


Pamela Johnson shared that she was very ready for a positive lifestyle change. She was in a menopausal slump, having no energy, no drive and was very lethargic.

She shared that she felt like a broken record on constant replay, She’s so tired!’ She has an underactive thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis and has had a lot of chronic pain, which didn’t help.

Further, while elaborating on this ominous phrase, Pamela added, “I was coming home tired, having my dinner, and often falling asleep on the sofa. This unhealthy pattern led to broken sleep at night and insomnia.”

She was overweight and struggled to lose weight. At that time, she said that she felt utterly rubbish about herself. “I had low mood, anxiety, and irritability. I didn’t want to be this person,” she added.

Pamela also remembered thinking that she was not living her best life. She needed a total reboot to get her life back on track.

Further, she also shared her Results after four months of starting her Gold Plan.

  1. One stone 1lb of weight loss & 20.5 inches off my body measurements.
  2.  New energy & drive and a mission to live my best life
  3. She feels happier and proud of my achievements.
  4. Enjoying exercise again
  5. Significant reduction in arthritis pain
  6. No sinus or chest infections this winter
  7. Established healthy eating patterns and enjoyed doing something positive during COVID-19.
  8. Her cholesterol & blood pressure was normal.
  9. She feels more self-confident and happier in life. She now wants to share her positive experience and help others. She’s so grateful that she was introduced to these products and has enjoyed the supportive community.

Furthermore, while highlighting these points, she also urged the audience to feel free to ask for any help, “If anyone wants more information, please private message as I would be delighted to help you,” Pamela asserted


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