According to the leadership, the Turkish coast guard has rescued 526 unauthorised migrants since December 13, who Greece have turned back.

Since December 13, the Turkish coast guard has rescued 526 unauthorised migrants who have been turned back by Greece, according to the leadership.


“A total of 991 irregular migrants and ten migrant smugglers were caught in 52 instances from December 13 to December 25, while 526 illegal migrants driven back into our territorial waters by Greek forces were rescued,” it added in a statement.

Turkey’s efforts to combat irregular migration and unlawful activities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and aid anyone in need at sea while respecting human rights and domestic and international law were also stressed in the statement.

The command also underlined Turkey’s concern over increased mortality along migration routes due to Greek security forces’ pushback techniques and pressure policy, which has forced irregular migrants to alter course and travel directly to Italy.

It went on to say that Greek authorities’ irresponsible words blaming Turkey demonstrate how unconcerned they are with the issue.

Meanwhile, the Turkish coast guard rescued 88 illegal migrants on Tuesday, including 56 who were forced back into the Aegean Sea by Greek officials.

Fifty-six migrants were rescued off the shore of Bodrum district, while 32 others were saved off the coast of Fethiye district in Mula province’s southwest.


Turkey has consistently criticised Greece’s illegal practice of deporting asylum seekers, claiming that it violates humanitarian standards and international law by putting the lives of vulnerable migrants, such as women and children, in jeopardy.


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