A young couple has been shocked after they received an energy bill, which was showing that they had consumed around £1.9 billion worth of gas in just a morning.

Sam Mottram & Maddie Robertson, both 22, were shocked after coming to know about the bill on their Shell Energy application showing that they have spent a huge amount of gas in a just a one-minute period of time.


The couple, who lives in Harpenden, Herts in England, normally spends around £1,300 a year on their gas as well as electricity.

Meanwhile, Sam said, “Maddie thought I’d got the number wrong, she thought that I was being daft. But yes, It was funny. I got a notification on my phone saying I need to update my direct debit & I thought that was a bit weird. I knew prices were going up, but I didn’t think that much!”

But, the couple does not have to pay this much amount. Shell Energy have ensured them that it was due to some technical glitch.

The sum is around 15 per cent of the overall household expenditure on gas as well as electricity in the United Kingdom- £12.1billion.

As per the spokesperson of Shell Energy, “It was due to some technical glitch in our application that has affected a very small number of customers, and we don’t expect Sam and Maddie to pay for the world’s supply of gas.”

“Any customers with the same app error can be assured that it won’t have any impact on their direct debit payments,” the spokesperson assured.



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