The Member of Parliament for Keighley Constituency in the United Kingdom, Robbie Moore, expressed his pleasure over the starting of the repairment of the footpath, which goes along the bank of the River Worth in Keighley connecting school lane and Pitt Street on the South Side of the River.

While expressing his pleasure and sharing some updates from the repairments processing, the Member of Parliament for Keighley Constituency, Robbie Moore, took to his official social media handle recently. He also shared some glimpses from the repairments done on the River Worth in Keighley.


MP Robbie expressed his pleasure and thanked all who had contacted him over a year ago about getting the footpath repaired and reopened, which goes along the bank of the River Worth in Keighley connecting School Lane (just to the rear of Dalton Mills) and Pitt Street on the south side of the river.

He shared that the River Worth in Keighley is an essential route to many commuters, particularly the families and children who use the route to access Parkwood Primary.

Further, MP Robbie also shared about the Unstablisation caused to the River Worth site, causing its temporary closure. Meanwhile, the contractor AMCO was already on the site for weeks to complete the necessary repairs.

“As many may be aware, the banking of the River Worth and the adjoining wall had become unstable, which led to the temporary closure.
Following my correspondence with the Environment Agency, their contractor AMCO was mobilised and has been on site for several weeks carrying out the necessary repairs.” he added.

Furthermore, while expressing his pleasure about its repair, MP Robbie shared that the works will soon be completed and opened.

“I am pleased to say that the works are soon to be complete, and the footpath will thebe reopened,” he added.




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