The United States Embassy in Riga, Latvia, expressed their pleasure and gratitude to all the Latvian colleagues who participated in the Dziesmu un deju svētki event in Latvia on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

While Expressing their pride and Gratitude, The United States Embassy in Riga, Latvia, took to their official social media handle recently. They also shared some glimpses from the event. The Latvian Colleagues and local communities participated in the various activities and demonstrated their singing and dance performances.


As per the Update, Dziesmu un deju svētki is a Latvian Song and Dance Competition. This year, 2023, Dziesmu un deju svētki was scheduled from Friday, June 30, 2023, to Sunday, July 9, 2023. In the Dziesmu un deju svētki, the varieties of Latvian songs and Dance performances are catered to the people, displaying Latvia’s outreach and cultural heritage.

While sharing some updates and expressing their pride, the United States Embassy in Latvia, on their official social media handle, added a caption saying, “We are proud of our Latvian colleagues who are participating in Dziesmu un deju svētki this year! Our colleagues Guntar and Elvira sing in a choir while Klav plays the clarinet. Go behind the scenes of the rehearsal process! Rain and wind can’t stop the love of music, and we wish everyone a wonderful festive culmination this week!”

Further, the Embassy also shared some glimpses from the event and shared their pride over the Latvian Colleagues for showcasing their talent at the Festival and also especially mentioned two of their colleagues, Guntars and Elvīra, who participated in singing in choirs.

“Below, you can enjoy some of their behind-the-scenes photos, and We are proud of our talented Latvian colleagues participating in this year’s Song and Dance Festival! Our colleagues Guntars and Elvīra sing in choirs while Klāvs plays the clarinet. Below you can enjoy some of their behind-the-scenes photos and videos from rehearsals. The wind and rain can’t stop their love for music, and we wish them a fantastic culmination of the Festival later this week! #DziesmuSvētki” quoted US Embassy Riga, Latvia.


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