The Minister of French Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornu, made a statement during an interview that, “These ‘Ukrainian’ soldiers will be seconded to our units for several weeks.”
Lecornu elaborated, adding that the training will focus on three levels: general combat training, training for specific needs reported by Ukraine, and training with equipment provided.
France will also supply Kyiv with Crotale air defence systems, Lecornu added, clarifying a statement made on Wednesday by President Emmanuel Macron.
The number of Crotale short-range air defence systems that will be sent to Kyiv “is being agreed on with the Ukrainians” but “will be important to allow them to protect their sky.”
“We have twelve of them, but this is the equipment that should be phased out and replaced by MAMBAs (air defence systems equipped with Aster missiles with a range of up to 50 or even 100 km), so it will not create a deficit for the French army, “said the minister, noting that “the goal is to complete this operation within the next two months.”
Lecornu also asserted that apart from 18 Caesar howitzers already sent to Kyiv, discussions were going on the supply of six extra guns and that France was studying “the supply of surface-to-surface missiles such as LRU (MLRS)” in reply to Ukraine’s request.
As reported, on October 12, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron announced about the delivery of radar & air defence systems to Ukraine in the coming weeks.


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