US-based Fifi Lefan remembered her mother, who left her more than a year ago and shared the story of their beautiful house, which they painted by themselves and has been there for a very long. Fifi shared that it was a beautiful house that her parents brought in 1966 that even once caught fire, but still, they never thought of leaving it and renovating it all by themselves.

US-based Fifi Lefan took to her social media recently and shared a deep post on remembering her mother, who left her and their beautiful house one and nine months ago. She expressed that she still remembers every memory and misses them every day.


US-based Fifi Lefan shared that her Mom left their beautiful house to her when she left this world one year and nine months ago. Fifi Lefan shared that it was the first house that her parents remodelled, Their home had part of an old cabin inside it, and her parents also added a long living room and painted the brick white. Fifi shared that her parents built this house in 1961, but on Christmas Eve, 1966, the house was destroyed by fire. They made this ranch back which was more significant but ugly orange, red-brown and cream brick.

Fifi Lefan shared that she talked with her Mom about painting it white, like their first before, and she was so excited to think about it. Also, the first room she ultimately finished was the dining area in the kitchen. It had two layers of yellowed wallpaper over the avocado-green wall.

Fifi shared that many people decorate with green now, but she remembers thinking it looked like a throw-up. So she sprayed Windex over the wallpaper a little at a time, and scraped it all off, then used warm water and vinegar, and scraped all the glue off of it…and painted the wall above the chair railing, her favourite colour, Periwinkle, and hung my two, 3’x4’ oils of blue hydrangeas I painted about 23 years ago.

Fifi’s Mom had navy indoor outdoor carpet on the floor for almost 40 years. It drove me nuts trying to clean it, as everything would stick to it. She had vinyl plank flooring put down that looked like white-washed barn wood. It just made it feel like light was expanding the room. It’s one of her favourite spaces to be in.

She ended up using the flooring throughout the house except for her studio. Fifi shared that she and her loved blue and white dishes, and she left me her blue Danube china and her hutch with it all in it. She also brought in her old country china cabinet with some of her things and combined some of her plates and some of mine on the plate rack. It makes Fifi feel like a part of her is still with me. I may never use it. But who knows?


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