Human rights violations have concerned the United States of America in countries like China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

After the US released the 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, the observation was made publicly. According to the investigations, the authorities contend that multiple crimes against humanity have occurred in China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.


Muslims who live in Uyghur communities and other minority populations in China claim that in the territory of  Xinjiang region, certain officials have committed crimes such as arbitrary detention, forced sterilisation, and forced abortions.

As per the claim by the US investigation, they also faced enforcement of the country’s population control policies, and the villages experienced rape and other forms of gender-based violence in 2022.

Forcible labour for the people of the community who were arrested by the authorities is one of the numerous human rights violations. The freedom of religion, belief, expression, or movement is not guaranteed to the region’s minorities.

Similar human rights crimes occur throughout the Burma region. According to a US study on human rights violations, the local military administration uses violence and brutality to maintain its hold on power and control of the nation.

Since assuming power following the military coup in 2021, the military dictatorship in the region has killed 2,900 individuals and imprisoned more than 17,000 others in an effort to maintain its hold on the territory.

The Rohingya Muslims in Burma are currently coping with genocide and other crimes against humanity, according to those living under the military administration. Reports also made references to the state of affairs in Afghanistan with this.


Many ruthless, repressive and oppressive actions are being taken against the local women by the Taliban regime. According to the research, no other government employs similar repressive tactics against women.

They contend that no government restricts women’s access to education, and doing so violates a widely acknowledged human right.


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