Tensions heightened for U.S. amid China’s rapid expansion of nuclear weapons

With cruise missiles and nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach any part of the globe, including Washington, D.C., 11,138 kilometres from Beijing, China has one of the most lethal missile arsenals in the world

Dalai Lama; India is a democratic country, very stable, very good

On Monday, January 23, Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of the Tibetan people, said that India is a democratic nation that is stable and excellent in terms of humanity and human rights

China: Lack of Covid measures may result in situation like 2020

The Hong Kong Post reported that China is no longer taking preventive steps to prevent the Covid-19 virus spread, and they are their citizens to move and travel as they wish. This could result in a situation similar to 2020 when the infection spread worldwide from a Wuhan lab

Nepalese women receive life threats for filing lawsuit against Chinese employers

Kathmandu (Nepal): Three Nepalese women named Juna, Lalita and Rojita, who went abroad to Laos in order to find employment escaped from the country and returned home due to immense pressure put on them by their tough Chinese employers. As per ANI, they successfully returned to their motherland but felt unsafe

China: Xinjiang fire incident provoked protest against Zero Covid policy

Under President XI Jinping's Zero COVID policy, people are compelled to remain in their houses for roughly three months. A ferocious fire that started in an apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang, sparked the protest

Germany: Chancellor Scholz becomes only G7 Leader to visit China in 3 Years

On Friday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will travel to China, making him the first G7 Leader to do so in about three years. As per CNN, he is scheduled to meet with Premier Li Keqiang and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing during a brief one-day visit

China tests fish caught at sea for COVID-19

The health authorities of China are now testing fish caught at sea to make sure they are not carriers of the COVID-19 and thus limit the spread of the virus in China.

Federal Police sounds concern over sexual exploitation of Chinese people in Belgium

The Federal Police has recently shown concern over the sexual and economic exploitation of Chinese people in Belgium, particularly within Chinese networks.

Prez Biden warns Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for supporting Russia

The President of the U.S., Joe Biden, spoke with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, through a video call on Friday, as Russia continues its...

Russia asks China for armed drones from China for Ukraine war, US warns EU

The United States has released a warning to European allies that Russia asked China for armed drones in late February as it was beginning...

Russia asks China for military equipment to use in invasion of Ukraine, claims US

A United States official has said that Russia asked China for military equipment to use in its invasion of Ukraine, a request that heightened...

5 Olympic arrivals test positive for COVID infection in China

Amid the ongoing pandemic of the viral infection caused by the novel coronavirus across the globe, the Winter Beijing Olympic 2022 have been halted...

New Covid-19 variant ‘NeoCov’ might cause high transmission & death rate, warns experts

On Friday, January 28,2022, Scientists from Wuhan of China has warned that a new variant of Covid-19 called NeoCov discovered in South Africa has...

China implores German to uphold the ‘one-China’ policy

A Chinese diplomat in Germany has recently called on the new German government to uphold the 'One-China' policy and avoid sending the wrong signals...

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American and Mexican representatives signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - officially the Treaty of Peace

The French Wall ‘Raphael Varane announces retirement

France Football Federation recently announced that Raphael Varane, the French defender, has retired from the International French team. https://twitter.com/equipedefrance/status/1621120553259237377?s=20&t=7vhoRvcMC2t6Eimn4tiqAg In a statement, Varane stated, "Representing our wonderful nation for almost ten years has been one of the biggest honour of my...

Zelensky threatens to boycott Olympics if Russia participates

Official Kyiv said that the country would boycott the 2024 Games in Paris if athletes from Russia took part in them. Florian Filippo, head of the French movement "Patriots", commented on Kyiv's statement, which threatened to depart from the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris if Russian athletes were admitted to them

Dominica: Sports Ministry to spend $ 2.4 million for Windsor Park’s lighting project

After the damage done by Hurricane Maria, Oscar George, minister of youth sports and community, announced the 2.4 million dollar budget allocated for the stadium's rehabilitation

U.S & India lifting Strategic Partnership with iCET

The U.S.-India enterprise on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET), announced by President Biden and Prime Minister Modi in May 2022, aims to advance and broaden strategic technology partnership and defence industrial cooperation between the governments, corporations, and academic institutions of our two countries