China announces Visa exemption for select nations in bid to restore Post-Pandemic tourism

The exemption period spans from December 1 to November 30 next year, allowing citizens from these nations to enter China for business, tourism, visiting relatives and friends, or transiting for up to 15 days without the need for a visa

Belgium: Ambassador Bruno Angelet and Deputy Bart Vodderie meets Terry Townshend

The Ambassador of Belgium to China and Mongolia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium, Bruno Angelet, and the Deputy Head of Mission, Bart Vodderie, met with Terry Townshend recently. The Delegations extended their pleasure from their meeting.

Consulate General of Belgium in Guangzhou Wim Peters attends Smurfs 65th Anniversary event

The Consulate General of Belgium in Guangzhou, China Wim Peters and the Guangzhou Cartoonists Association held a celebration event on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, on the occasion of the exhibition, the Smurfs 65th Anniversary- FROM PAPER TO METAVERSE, at the Guangzhou Culture and Arts Center.

Dominica: PM Skerrit calls for China’s support to address Haitian situation

Dominica: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit called China to extend its support to Haiti's situation while addressing the 8th Round Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Caribbean Nations held on Friday, July 7, 2023.

China: Fanjingshan, Holy site of Bhudhists, located on Golden Peak

Fanjingshan or Mount Fanjing in Tongren, located in Guizhou Province in China, Fanjing is a Chinese word which means "Buddhist tranquillity." Fanjing has been a holy site for Buddhists since the Tang Dynasty. Highs up in China's Wuling Mountains sits two Buddhist temples: The Temple of the Buddha and the Maitreya Temple.

China brokering surprise deal sending shock waves to Iran and Saudi Arabia

China broke a surprise peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia on Saturday, March 11, 2023. The Representatives of the estranged Middle Eastern nations emerged from a meeting in Beijing with an agreement to reopen the embassies and other long-severed ties

US claims Human rights violations in China, Myanmar & Pakistan

After the US released the 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, the observation was made publicly. According to the investigations, the authorities contend that multiple crimes against humanity have occurred in China, Myanmar, and Pakistan

China will face consequences for sending weapons to Russia; Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the US, warned China that there would be "serious costs" if they tried to aid Moscow with deadly weapons to support Russia in its conflict with Ukraine

USA: China aims for credit cards after spy balloons

According to Jianli Yang of the Washington Times, the dangers from Jinping-led China have not yet lessened because they threaten national security on both sides of the Pacific

Tensions heightened for U.S. amid China’s rapid expansion of nuclear weapons

With cruise missiles and nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach any part of the globe, including Washington, D.C., 11,138 kilometres from Beijing, China has one of the most lethal missile arsenals in the world

Dalai Lama; India is a democratic country, very stable, very good

On Monday, January 23, Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of the Tibetan people, said that India is a democratic nation that is stable and excellent in terms of humanity and human rights

China: Lack of Covid measures may result in situation like 2020

The Hong Kong Post reported that China is no longer taking preventive steps to prevent the Covid-19 virus spread, and they are their citizens to move and travel as they wish. This could result in a situation similar to 2020 when the infection spread worldwide from a Wuhan lab

Nepalese women receive life threats for filing lawsuit against Chinese employers

Kathmandu (Nepal): Three Nepalese women named Juna, Lalita and Rojita, who went abroad to Laos in order to find employment escaped from the country and returned home due to immense pressure put on them by their tough Chinese employers. As per ANI, they successfully returned to their motherland but felt unsafe

China: Xinjiang fire incident provoked protest against Zero Covid policy

Under President XI Jinping's Zero COVID policy, people are compelled to remain in their houses for roughly three months. A ferocious fire that started in an apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang, sparked the protest

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Rafael Nadal’s Final Act: The King of Clay Prepares for One Last Battle at Roland-Garros

As nadal steps onto the hallowed courts of Roland-Garros for his 19th tournament, the atmosphere is thick with nostalgia and reverence. His first opponent, Germany's Alexander Zverev, awaits him on Monday in what promises to be a poignant encounter

France Ends State of Emergency in New Caledonia Amid Ongoing Unrest

The measure, set to end at 20:00 local time, was implemented in response to two weeks of intense riots triggered by disputed electoral reforms and deep-rooted economic disparities between the indigenous Kanak population and residents of European descent

Russian Glide Bomb Attack on Kharkiv Supermarket Kills 12, Wounds 43

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky disclosed that over 200 people might have been inside the supermarket at the time of the bombing. Describing the attack as an act of "Russian madness," Zelensky condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin and his forces for their actions

Paris Orly Airport: 70% of Flights Canceled This Weekend as Air Controllers Strike

The disruption, set to commence from 0400 GMT on Saturday and extend through late Sunday, has cast a shadow over travel plans for thousands of passengers, exacerbating concerns as France braces for the impending Paris Olympics

Paris City Hall Votes to Increase Eiffel Tower Admission Price Amid Renovation

Currently, visitors embark on their ascent to the summit of the Eiffel Tower for €29.40 ($31.90). However, by June 17, that fee will rise to €35.30, marking a significant adjustment aimed at bolstering resources for the vital restoration efforts