The German-based non-profit Organisation World Vision Deutschland emphasised the importance of protecting educational institutions from being attacked and highlighted that education should never be life-threatening.

The World Vision Deutschland is a German-based non-profit organisation that aims to serve and support children and their families from poverty and any social injustice they face. The organisation also works to secure and protect the rights of the most vulnerable sections of society.


Recently, the World Vision Deutschland organisation has emphasised the importance of Education and highlighted several situations convicting that children are being attacked in schools and institutions. They underscored that education should never be life-threatening. 

As per the World Vision Deutschland, education for many children is not even imaginable, let alone existing in crisis areas. Schools and educational institutions designed to provide children with a safe place are being attacked in locations that cannot provide shelter and, in some cases, even targeted.

 The Safe Schools Declaration defines how schools and other educational institutions should be protected in wars and conflicts. 

The Safe Schools Declaration is an interstate commitment from 2015. One hundred eighteen countries in the world have signed the declaration so far. She simply provides the following:

  1.  The armed forces should not use schools and universities for military purposes.
  2. Schools and universities must not be destroyed purposely.
  3. The military use of a school or university by the parties’ forces can lead to it being attacked. However, they should warn the opposing party that an attack is coming.
  4. The armed forces of parties should not be used to ensure the safety of schools and universities. If possible, civilian personnel should do

World Vision is active in 100 countries. With 1,250 regional development projects, They work where the need of the children and their families is greatest. In 2022, around 27 million people benefited from our disaster relief alone.




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