The South Korea-based KDI School of Public Policy and Management students were given the opportunity to meet students from the Free University of Berlin (FUB), Germany, during a networking event held on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

During this event, students from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management and the Free University of Berlin, FUB, exchanged insights and experiences over an intimate lunch session.


They also had the opportunity to interact and learn about each other’s exciting sessions. For FUB Students, this visit was an opportunity for them to explore and learn about the educational aspects of the two nations.

The event also featured a presentation session where FUB students shared their findings collected during their two-week visit to Korea. The presentation session concluded with lively discussions among the students.

The FUB Students extended their pleasure to meet with the KDI students and build effective connections and tiers with each other. At the same time, it was also a matter of satisfaction for KDI students to learn and discuss collectively.

Although, after attending a practical and interactive session with the KDI students, the FUB students had to say goodbye, the students exchanged contact information and looked forward to staying in touch.

Reportedly, KDI School is more than just studying. They believe that’s quite evident. It’s also about embracing the richness of the students’ cultures and forming solid bonds through engaging and enlightening activities.

Professor “De Sur, a Norte from KDI, noted that Exploring Latin and Caribbean Countries” is a program organized by the Latin America and Caribbean forum every Wednesday since late June.


This program is designed to immerse the KDIS community in the splendour of our cultures, languages, and cuisines. We share basic Spanish knowledge, showcase tourist highlights, and delve into typical regional cuisine. This program truly celebrates the unity that arises from the diverse tapestry of KDI School.



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