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You Can Now Play “Among Us” for Free On Your Pc!!

Among Us

Among Us: The multiplayer game that became popular with us during the COVID-19 pandemic is the newest free-to-play game on the Epic Games Store. If you have a business account, you can download it for free until June 3 (usually $ 5). Then you can join your friends with the newest airline card in the game. Good news. Not all friends need to play games on the computer.

The game supports multi-platform multiplayer, allowing Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch players to play together. The PS4 and PS5 versions of the game will also support cross-play when they are released later this year.

Among Us, developed by InnerSloth and released in 2018. However, in 2020, a large influx of players is expected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than looking for a sequel, the team revamped the base game with maps and features.

This promotion is part of the Epic Games Epic Sale, which runs until June 17th. New puzzles are free every week, and another game will be available when Under Us time ends on Thursday, June 3rd. NBA 2K21 is a previously sold free game. If you’re looking to buy games, the Epic Coupon gives you $ 10 off on games over $ 14.99. Go to this page, log into your account and try the coupon.

The game takes place in a space theme, and players take on one of two roles. Most of them are team members and a few swindlers. Team Member’s goal is to identify and eliminate fraudsters and take action on the cards. The impostor’s goal is to destroy and kill the team before completing the mission.

A player suspected of cheating can be removed with multiple votes. All players can call an emergency meeting (unless a crisis occurs) or report a corpse. When all criminals are exiled or when all tasks are completed, the team wins. On the other hand, if Imposter and the team match, or if major obstacles are not removed, the imposters win.

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