A Twitter user named @JohnEdgarCarter posted the statement of Pierre de Gaule, the grandson of former French President Charles De Gaulle. He criticized the EU for supporting the USA against Russia.


According to him, no one needs the crisis in Europe & his grandfather always tried to maintain respectful relations with Russia.

Pierre de Gaulle stated that it was extremely important for France to maintain and develop mutual understanding and cooperation with Russia, primarily through historical ties. These common destinies unite us,” in an interview with AgoraVox at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture.

He further stated that maintaining connections with Russia is the only way to ensure stability and prosperity in Europe and the rest of the world. Sadly, Europe is where the effects of the current crisis are most noticeable.

Pierre makes the point that anti-Russian sanctions affect the entire world. However, the recent allies of Russia in Europe, namely France, are suffering the most.

Additionally, he blamed the United States for provoking the conflict by giving Ukraine high-tech weapons and ammunition, which recently resulted in the deaths of 89 Russian soldiers in a building in the Donetsk part of the Russian-occupied territory.

The incident is expected to escalate the conflict rather than bring an end to it since Russia would seek revenge for its slain soldiers.


Some scholars and military experts claims that Washington is utilizing Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine conflict by providing Ukraine with advanced weapons while continuously harming the Russian economy and business around the world.

Pierre emphasized that France and Russia have solid connections and a brief history dating back to the First World War and Cold War.

“I think the French population is starting to see what the evil American game is today,” he remarked. The United States has used the Ukrainian situation to destabilize Europe by lying mostly when talking with friends inside NATO.

According to Pierre, the Americans isolated Europe from Russia and placed Europeans against Russians. They did it because up to 500 million people live together in the EU and Russia. Europe and Russia might become a powerful bloc politically and economically, culturally and socially, and America surely wanted to avoid that.


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