Outside the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Ukrainian nationalists are building a human chain. Their primary demand is for more weaponry and air defence systems to be given to Ukraine in order to stop the Russian assault that nation has been dealing with since February 2022.


They requested that NATO send them a missile defence system first because Russian missiles frequently targeted Ukrainian residential areas. Since the start of the conflict, Russia has conducted innumerable missile attacks on Ukraine, most of which target Kyiv, the country’s capital. Russia recently conducted the largest airstrike on Ukraine, launching over 100 missiles towards Kyiv at once on November 17.

Numerous civilians were killed as a result of the attack, and the water and electrical grids were destroyed entirely. It appears that Russia is turning the winter into a weapon by undermining the Ukrainian power infrastructures. Living circumstances in Kyiv have become intolerably tricky due to extremely low temperatures and Russian strikes.

In order to shield civilians from Russian strikes, Ukrainians created a human chain demandingĀ formingĀ of a shieldĀ above Kyiv by providingĀ missile defence systems. Additionally, they requested NATO to increase the Ukrainian army’s access to armaments to liberate Ukrainian districts held by Russian forces.

Belgian nationalists, along with Ukrainians, alsoĀ attempt to demonstrateĀ the atrocities Russia has condemned against Ukraine since the invasion. They encouraged NATO members to criticize Russia and hold them accountable for all the heinous crimes it committed on Ukrainian territory.

Washington also provided more humanitarian assistance to Ukraine to restore Kyiv’s water and energy supply. According to Radio Free Europe, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who just arrived in Bucharest, will announce further assistance to help Ukraine’s power transmission capacity be restored.


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