A photo of a baby girl with breathing difficulties being escorted by her parents to a neighbouring gas station in Kyiv to plug in the necessary inhaler for the child quickly became popular on social media.

The sight of a young child suffering from Russian missile attacks that destroyed more than 75% of Kyiv’s power grid is genuinely terrible. Even the purest, blameless souls were subjected to the atrocities of War.



Since the start of the War, Russian missiles have targeted several Ukrainian residents, who have since lost their lives, houses, and loved ones. The War has only resulted in death and damage on both sides since February 24. An image of a baby girl plugging an inhaler at a gas station was posted on Twitter by a Ukrainian nationalist under the username @Gerashchenko en.

There are few significant locations with electrical supply because Russian missile attacks destroyed the water and electricity infrastructure. The entire capital, Kyiv, has been in the dark for the previous three days.

The EU countries and charitable trusts should pay attention to the innocent Ukrainian people who are constantly suffering and living in dread, in addition to assisting Ukraine by weaponizing. Numerous youngsters are dealing with similar issues to the child in the picture due to the Russian assault.

Instead of arming Ukraine with lethal weaponry, the EU and NATO partners should concentrate on bringing the War to a swift finish.


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