According to AFP, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, described today’s sanctions against Russia as “a step toward war.”

The organisation observes that Orban is stepping up his criticism of Brussels‘ approach, which he views as risky.


In his customary interview with pro-government radio, Hungary’s nationalist prime leader declared, “Anyone who intervenes economically in a military battle is taking a position.”

Orban expressed concern over the increasing number of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, saying, “Little by little, we are slipping towards war.”

Even though he and his partners supported the sanctions, the Hungarian prime minister frequently criticised them, blaming them for his nation’s economic problems, according to AFP.

The economy of Hungary contracted in the third quarter of this year (compared to the second), and food inflation has reached a high of 45.
The Hungarian government has started “national discussions” on the subject and has put up banners all around the nation that read: “Brussels sanctions are ruining us” next to an image of a missile.

Orban stated that he was prepared to oppose any additional penalties and ensure that Hungary, which depends significantly on Russian fossil fuels, had an exemption.

Hungary is exempt from the EU’s oil embargo against Russia.

“We now provide damaging weaponry, Ukrainian train forces on our land, and impose energy sanctions. We are increasingly contributing to the conflict, “Orban stated.

{resident Orban stressed, “Although they haven’t fired a shot at us yet, our nation is about to start acting aggressively. Europe is engaging in dangerous behaviour”.


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