A sizable control operation was carried out in New Caledonia by the French municipal Police and customs. The primary goals of this massive operation were to protect the community, apprehend fraudsters, and put an end to illicit activities, including drug trafficking, looting, and pickpockets using public transportation. 107 buses were thoroughly inspected as part of a cooperative operation between the customs agency and municipal Police.

The information provided by the National Police indicates that 1647 passengers in 107 buses were verified during the operation. A further investigation is being conducted to identify the suspects involved in the nine fraud offences discovered. Recent information on a wanted criminal riding in a bus was provided to the Police by their assets.


The cops eventually succeeded in capturing him. For safety reasons, the Police keep the informant’s identity a secret. Additionally, three fraudulent practices were discovered by the authorities, which caused issues for the travellers. For the national Police and customs, the coordinated operation was a huge success.

This operation’s primary goal is to reduce crime in the country, which has been particularly noticeable near popular tourist destinations. The recent records of pickpocketing and drug trafficking bring Paris to the list of European cities with the highest crime rates. The National Police is taking decisive action to maintain peace and order in the city and rapidly detaining those engaged in criminal activity to stop the rising crime rate.


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