KNOW HERE: Interesting facts about British Hawker Hurricane Aircraft

The British Embassy in Kyiv introduced their most classic destroyer weapon or Aircraft, the British Hawker Hurricane, which has remained one of the most versatile fighters of the Second World War, found near Kyiv. The United Kingdom then handed them over for a land lease to help the USSR confront Luftwaffe.

France to slow down weapons supply to Kyiv amid Paris Pension problem

The French authorities can "slow down" the decision on the transfer of heavy weaponry to Ukraine. The head of France's Euroskeptic party, "The Patriots," Florian Philippot, has informed his followers of this recent event

Ukrainian individual reunites with his family at Kramatorsk railway station

On February 26, 2023, in the midst of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian man kneels to welcome his family as they arrive from Kyiv at the railway station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. As a result of Russia's attacks on the capital, it appears that the man was reunited with his family after a long time due to getting separated amid the Russia-Ukraine war

Ukraine launched school nutrition reform to feed children

Olena also noted that their students and teachers are real heroes and their future. Nutrition is highly dependent not only on the quality of training but also on the psychological state of all its participants

We continue supporting Ukraine to regain peace; De Croo

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo shared his Condolences to the families of Interior Minister Monastyrsky & all other victims who lost their lives in a helicopter crash near Kyiv

Dnipro: Wrecked Yellow Kitchen was once filled with Happiness and joy

Leonid Nevzlin, @Nevzlin, shared a video of the yellow Kitchen in an apartment where Russia launched another missile attack with a KH-22 anti-ship missile

Russian Anti-ship Missile struck residential building in Dnipro; 20 killed, 84 injured

A representative for New Voice of Ukraine and BBC freelancer Euan Macdonald has provided a satellite photograph of Dnipro, where Russia recently used an anti-ship missile to hit a residential structure

Ukraine to receive RIM-7 missiles from U.S. to counter BUK launchers

Another new package of U.S. security assistance to the Defence Forces of Ukraine will, for the first time, include radar-guided RIM-7 Sea Sparrow anti-air missiles, which can easily be launched from the Ocean or surface to intercept and neutralize engaging aircraft or cruise missiles

Makiivka: Death toll rise to 89

The HIMARS attack on a Russian facility in the Ukrainian town of Makiivka, which is under Russian control, brings the death toll to 89

Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahid drones

According to the military command, 39 Iranian Shahid drones had been destroyed by Ukrainian air defence forces

Russia launched drone attacks on Kyiv at first day of year 2023

In the early hours of the New Year 2023, Russia began its brutal attacks on Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine in response to a barrage of rockets fired on Saturday. On the evening of January 1, according to Reuters, air raid sirens continuously sounded

Ukrainian Armed Forces officers conveyed what is more effective for destroying enemy air targets

In the modern war, brigadier Lanka air defence units play an important role in closing the Ukrainian sky over the positions of our troops. Especially their role is felt in the fight against enemy UAVs and helicopters

Brussels: NATO Headquarters turned off lights till December 31

In support of Ukraine, the NATO Headquarters in Brussels turned out the lights among other world monuments. The programme is a component of the "Lights for Ukraine" campaign launched by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United24 platform

Ukraine’s first lady shows letters written by Kids to St. Nicolas

Olena Zelenska, First lady of Ukraine, shared letters written by Ukrainian kids to Saint Nicolas. A girl named Nicola Evelinka wrote, "Saint Nicholas, bring warriors weapons, clothes, food to make them warm"

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Rafael Nadal’s Final Act: The King of Clay Prepares for One Last Battle at Roland-Garros

As nadal steps onto the hallowed courts of Roland-Garros for his 19th tournament, the atmosphere is thick with nostalgia and reverence. His first opponent, Germany's Alexander Zverev, awaits him on Monday in what promises to be a poignant encounter

France Ends State of Emergency in New Caledonia Amid Ongoing Unrest

The measure, set to end at 20:00 local time, was implemented in response to two weeks of intense riots triggered by disputed electoral reforms and deep-rooted economic disparities between the indigenous Kanak population and residents of European descent

Russian Glide Bomb Attack on Kharkiv Supermarket Kills 12, Wounds 43

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky disclosed that over 200 people might have been inside the supermarket at the time of the bombing. Describing the attack as an act of "Russian madness," Zelensky condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin and his forces for their actions

Paris Orly Airport: 70% of Flights Canceled This Weekend as Air Controllers Strike

The disruption, set to commence from 0400 GMT on Saturday and extend through late Sunday, has cast a shadow over travel plans for thousands of passengers, exacerbating concerns as France braces for the impending Paris Olympics

Paris City Hall Votes to Increase Eiffel Tower Admission Price Amid Renovation

Currently, visitors embark on their ascent to the summit of the Eiffel Tower for €29.40 ($31.90). However, by June 17, that fee will rise to €35.30, marking a significant adjustment aimed at bolstering resources for the vital restoration efforts