The British Embassy in Kyiv introduced their most classic destroyer weapon or Aircraft, the British Hawker Hurricane, which has remained one of the most versatile fighters of the Second World War, found near Kyiv. The United Kingdom then handed them over for a land lease to help the USSR confront Luftwaffe.

Reportedly, The RAF, Royal Air Force, United Kingdom, has updated more information about this Aircraft.


Some Exciting facts about the British Hawker Hurricane are as follows:

– Hawker Hurricane is one of the classic destroyers. He was at the forefront of the battle for Britain in 1939-1940 and played an essential role in the 1945 victory.
– The plane prototype made its first flight on November 6, 1935. The first serial models came to the royal ps in late 1937.
– From 1939 to September 1940, the number of Hawker Hurricane squadrons increased from 18 to 32.

– In the Battle of Britain, the rapid and manoeuvrable Hawker Hurricane destroyed more enemy aircraft than all other air defence equipment combined.
– From 1941 to 1944, about 3000 “hurricanes” were sent to the USSR.
– Over a dozen modifications have been built to an impressive 14,533 Hurricane Fighters over a dozen.
– There are only 12 suitable for Hurricane flights in the world. Two of them belong to the Royal PS.

Recently, remnants of WWII Hawker Hurricane fighters have been found near Kyiv. The UK sent these planes under Lend-Lease to help USSR oppose the Nazi’s Luftwaffe.
We asked Royal Air Force to tell us more about this plane and its role in WWII.
– Hawker Hurricane is one of the classic fighters of all time. It was at the forefront of the Battle of Britain in 1939-1940 and played a significant part in achieving victory in 1945.
– The prototype made its maiden flight on November 6 1935. First deliveries for RAF began just before Christmas 1937.
– By September 1940, the number of Hurricane squadrons had risen from 18 a year earlier to 32.

– Fast and manoeuvrable, Hurricanes destroyed more enemy aircraft in the Battle of Britain than all the other air defences combined.
– About 3,000 Hurricanes were sent to the USSR between 1941 and 1944.
– With over ten marks, a remarkable total of 14,533 Hurricanes were built.
– Only 12 airworthy Hurricanes left in the world. RAF owns two of them.




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