Dominica: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit appreciated Dominican Cricketer and Left handed Batsman Alick Athanaze for remarking performance against India and described him as potential Brain Lara in the making for the West Indies Cricket team on the Day 2 of the first match test series held on Thursday, July 13, 2023, at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

Dominican Cricketer Alick Athanaze

While highlighting Alick Athanaze Day 1 performance, PM Skerrit said, “He is our son, the son of the soil and our hero. We’ve been looking forward to this for some time, but everything happens simultaneously, and coincidentally, it’s happening in Dominica. He is also the top scorer in the first innings and will make us and West Indies proud.”


The Prime Minister also emphasized Alick’s effective sportsman spirit, temperament, and discipline to encourage him with his overall support for achieving significant milestones for the two nations, West Indies and Dominica. He also appreciated the West Indies team’s nurturing talent and the capability to host the best Cricket Tournaments within themselves.

Further, While holding discussions with the cricket commentator Ian Bishop, the Prime Minister remarked Windsor Park Sports Stadium as the Caribbean’s top Cricketing sports venue. He also shared about undertaking several steps to enhance the Field’s infrastructure and outlook.

He also noted the recent enhancements Government has undertaken to construct the Staircase on this side of the player’s Pavilion and provide the Cricketers with an indoor practice facility for the teams.

He added that the Government had made immense investments and transformations to enhance and reconstruct the Sports stadium and discussed several initiatives the Government took in Cricket and Youth Development.

Furthermore, while discussing the more remarkable aspects of the Game of Cricket and ensuring the development of the sports sector, the Prime Minister stressed the need and importance of providing scholarships to young athletes, allowing them to pursue their academic education alongside their cricketing aspirations.






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