Ontario, Canada: The Elgin County Archives in the Canadian Province of Ontario is starting a photograph series called Elgin Stores today, Wednesday, July 5, 2023. the Elgin County Archives, every week, will highlight stores and businesses that have served the Elgin County and St Thomas communities over the years.

The Elgin County Archives in the Canadian Province, while sharing some updates from the Elgin stores, took to their official social media handle recently. They also expressed their pleasure in opening a new photograph series from today, Wednesday, July 5, 2023.


As per the update, in the new Photograph series called the Elgin Stores, the Elgin County Archives will highlight different stores and businesses serving the Elgin County and St. Thomas communities over the years and the different cultural history and heritage.

Today’s feature in the Elgin Stores series is Richmond Groceteria, a Black and white photograph showing the exterior of the Richmond Groceteria on February 19, 1974. The picture was published in the Tillsonburg News on March 4, 1974, with the caption:

“The store in Richmond has served the community for over 100 years; Three generations of the Laing family have owned it, but last year, the third owner, Charles Laing, had to retire because of a heart attack, and the store came to a new name and a new owner.

It is now called the Richmond Groceteria and is owned by Raymond Boire, a native of Sturgeon Falls and for 12 years a resident of Kitchener. Ray and his wife Lucy live in an apartment over the store with their two children. They sell hardware, dry goods, and groceries. The Boires took over the store in August last year and found the Richmond people to be amicable”. The Elgin County shared.


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