The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and the Australian & New Zealand government, conducts a National Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity workshop at USP Japan Pacific ITC Center from 21 to 25 August 2023.

The training workshop is supported by critical infrastructure agencies such as Fiji Gas, Digicel Fiji, Vodafone Fiji, Pacific Energy, Mobil Oil Fiji, Telecom Fiji Limited, and Total Energies Fiji. Approximately 70 participants from the public and private sectors are attending the technical training workshop at USP
The workshop’s objective is to develop and consult further on the draft.


Critical Infrastructure National Cyber Incident Response and Recovery Framework 2023 and Beyond and also to improve awareness, create avenues of communication, and identify focal points for responding to cyber threats and attacks on Fiji’s critical infrastructure.

These sessions will look at the importance of having a framework in place consisting of standards, guidelines, and best practices to promote the protection of our critical infrastructure in cyberspace.

As stated by the Permanent Secretary, Mr Mason Smith, in his opening address this morning, “The more we embrace digitalization, the more pressing it becomes to ensure the security of our cyberspace is maintained. The potential impact of cyber threats on individuals, critical infrastructure, and the nation is a looming concern.

We are all at risk from sophisticated attacks owing to our reliance on available tools and technology. Adequate cybersecurity capabilities and preparedness are paramount to the prosperity of our fragile digital economy.”

Mr Smith urged all participants to seize every opportunity to learn and grasp whatever skills and capacity acquired through the training.
Furthermore, he reiterated the Fiji Government’s unwavering commitment to bolstering critical infrastructure cybersecurity. He is optimistic that this will lead to a brighter, safer, and more secure digital future for Fiji.


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