French President Emmanuel Macron declared that France would help Ukraine by giving an additional €76.5 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the domains of electricity and energy. He also underlined that the nation has already received €200 million in 2022 to rebuild the energy infrastructure that Russian airstrikes had obliterated.


President Emmanuel also asserted that Russia’s war had caused too much suffering in Ukraine and other European countries in different ways. He emphasized that with Cambodia, France can call on Russia to immediately stop its strikes and attacks on civilian populations and infrastructure. “International partners, join us in this call”, said Macron.

President Macron has often attempted to speak with President Vladimir Putin to end the war and restore world peace since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

President Macron raised more than €1 billion during the conference in Paris, and it will be delivered by April to help Ukraine get through the winter. He continued by saying that the Ukrainian people could rely on French assistance.

In addition, President Emannuel praised Ukrainian service members who, despite the awful atrocities carried out by the Russian army in Irpen, Mariupol, Buchi, Izyum, and many other residential areas of Ukraine, continue to fight for their homeland and freedom with amazing determination.

Macron promised Ukraine that France would offer all available assistance until the country’s infrastructure was rebuilt after being destroyed by Russian bombings during the international aid conference on getting Ukraine through the winter, which was announced during the EU’s press conference with President Volodymor Zelenskyy on December 11.

Russia is believed to have destroyed up to $108 billion worth of infrastructure since the start of the conflict.