Henry Cavill, the British actor most known for his roles as Superman and Geralt of Rivia, is expected to continue his journey in the fantasy series “The Witcher” on Netflix after James Gunn passed on hiring him for the next Superman film.

After announcing that Liam Hemsworth will take over for him in the role, he left the show. On October 22, Cavil announced that the third season of his role as Geralt of Rivia would be his last and that season.


The news devastated Witcher fans, who loved the plot and the character of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter with a good heart, which Henry Cavill portrayed in the lead role. The two seasons of the hit series have received an IMDb rating of 8.1.

However, it is expected that things will change once more when Cavill changes his mind since James Gunn, the director of the upcoming Superman film, stated that Cavill is not a good fit for the part because the film is based on the younger years of Superman.

At the conclusion of the movie, Cavill made a brief cameo in Black Adam, confirming his return to the DC universe after a six-year sabbatical. His final performance as Superman was in the disastrous Justice League, which cost the producers $60 million.

Cavill suffered a great loss as a result of Gunn’s decision because he lost the two primary roles he had become known for throughout his career. It is now expected that Cavil has promised to fulfil one demand in exchange for playing Geralt of Rivia for all seven seasons. He wished the authors to continue paying tribute to Sapkowski’s work by keeping the narrative true to the original.

Although there have been many theories swirling around the internet regarding Cavill’s departure from the show, the primary cause is the series’ lack of realism and excessive changes from the books. The final straw for Sapkowski was the writers’ disrespect for his work.

Even if Cavil’s exit is how the fourth season’s plot is planned, there is still a potential that he may continue to carry the steel and silver sword until¬†the seventh season. This show’s third season is expected to debut in the summer of 2023.


It will be determined during the season whether Liam Hemsworth or Henry Cavill will be the one to wield the medallion and swords for the fourth season. The experts predict his departure will damage the series, but everything will continue as usual if he keeps it going.


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