Manchester United and Real Madrid are among the biggest clubs in football history since the beginning of football. These two clubs are the first that every football fan thinks of when discussing club football.

Four legendary football players who played for Real Madrid and Manchester United were featured in a photo posted by the football news source @GOAL. The image described the history of these illustrious players at both clubs as well as their role in the successes of their respective teams.


The best players to play the game, including Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Angel Di Maria, and many others, were produced by both teams and dominated the Premier League and La Liga during their primes.

Some athletes have won numerous championships for both clubs during their careers while playing for both clubs. They significantly contributed to the success of their club, but it was United or Madrid who saw their potential and provided them with the chance to be included on the list of the best football players.

Following is the list of iconic players who played for both Real Madrid and Manchester United-

Cristiano Ronaldo:¬†He’s the player with the most goals, 819 and highest paid footballer. Ronaldo scored 450 goals in 438 games and is the top scorer in Real Madrid’s history. He won five UCL trophies for the club and two Laliga titles, defeating Barcelona in their prime.¬†

The Portuguese star joined Real Madrid in 2009 after leaving Old Trafford, dominating the English premier league. Under the supervision of Sir Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo won the FA Cup in his first season, three Premiere league titles, the Club World Cup and UCL. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner won his first Ballon d’Or at 23.¬†


Raphael Varane: The French defender played for ten seasons with Real Madrid and became a red Devil in 2021, the same year Ronaldo left Juventus and joined his former club. The French wall is counted among the best defenders in football history. After spending one decade at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Varane has signed a contract with United till 2025. 

David Beckham: The English player has a brief history at Old Trafford and Santiago Bernabéu. Beckham played four seasons in Real Madrid, scoring 28 goals in 158 appearances. Beckham played 12 seasons as a Red Devil with 265 appearances and 61 goals. He won two FA Cups, European Cup, Intercontinental Cup, FA Youth Cup and 6 Premier League titles. 

Di Maria:¬†The Argentine World Cup winner Angel Di Maria won 2011-12 Laliga and 2013-14 UCL for Spanish Club Real Madrid. His playmaking and assisting skills helped the club various times to score in crucial times. He doesn’t have a significant contribution at Old Trafford. The Argentine played only one season at Old Trafford, scoring four goals and later joined Paris-Saint Germain.¬†¬†



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