St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister, Terrance Drew marks his presence at an inaugural ceremony  of new and upgraded facilities of the St Kitts Credit Union on December 8, 2023.

Such a development introduced at the bank is the committing the efforts by the officials for enhancing the services offered to the members.


Moreover, PM Drew said that credit unions play a great role in wealth generation as financial institutions work to provide citizens of the country access to banking services. 

Further, he added that credit unions lays a very positive impact on the lives of the individuals and the families by offering them aid in monetary terms. Also mentioned that the impact which it has laid is immeasurable. 

This clearly stated the role of credit unions in the nation for the sustainable country. This would even be a greater progressive step towards the growth and development of the country.

Considerably, the upgrades involved adding up 20,000 members at St Kitts Credit Union (SKCU) which marked the day as a celebration. It is also recorded as an achievement rather than just extensive marketing efforts.

While addressing at the ceremony, The Prime Minister highlighted that money generation is very important to encourage the people and get them out of poverty. And, financial institutions help in giving the opportunity to create wealth.

This states the need for strong financial institutions that can fulfill the requirements of residents so that the money flow can move smoothly from one generation to another, aiming at growth and development of the country.


Additionally, PM Drew said that this will lead towards wealth generation and would help build business oriented skills in the citizens.

“It seems like a commercial bank but it is a credit union,” said the Prime Minister.


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