In a historic turn of events, Javier Milei was sworn in as Argentina’s new president on Sunday, marking the ascent of a political outsider who gained public favour through his commitment to substantial economic reforms.

The ceremony, held before Argentina’s Congress in Buenos Aires, saw Milei taking the oath of office, succeeding his predecessor, Alberto Fernandez.


Javier Milei, an economist and former political commentator, captured the nation’s attention during his election campaign by emphasizing his determination to cut government spending and implement significant economic changes.

His inauguration symbolizes a shift in Argentina’s political landscape, with the new president expressing a solid mandate for transformative actions.

During his first speech as president, Milei addressed a crowd gathered outside Congress, proclaiming, “Today, it’s the start of a new era for Argentina; today, we close a long and sad history of decadence and decline, and we take the road of reconstruction of our country.”

The emphasis on change and national rejuvenation echoed his campaign promises and resonated with a populace eager for a new direction.

Milei acknowledged the overwhelming desire for change among the Argentine people, emphasizing that the shift is irreversible.

The swearing-in ceremony drew attention on a global scale, with notable leaders such as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in attendance.


Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen also participated in the ceremony, highlighting Milei’s support for Israel. Cohen described Milei as a “clear supporter of Israel” and mentioned their meeting before the inauguration, during which Milei expressed strong positions on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In a statement on X, Eli Cohen commended Milei’s stance: “Israel’s true ‘Javier’! I am proud to represent the State of Israel at the inauguration ceremony of the president-elect of Argentina @JMilei. Milei is a clear supporter of Israel and has spoken out in favour of moving the embassy to Jerusalem.”

Cohen further detailed their meeting, noting Milei’s expressed support for the war against Hamas, his call for outlawing the terrorist organization, and his advocacy for the immediate release of all abductees.

Cohen emphasized that Milei’s election strengthens Israel’s support in South America and is expected to fortify the alliance between the two countries.

As Javier Milei assumes the presidency, the world watches closely to see how his economic reforms and leadership style will shape Argentina’s future.

The promise of change and the challenges ahead will undoubtedly define this new chapter in the nation’s history.


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