Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Mr Osea Cawaru, on behalf of the Fijian Government, conveyed his sincere appreciation to an Australian Approved Employer, Multi Quip (MQ) Griffith Pty Ltd, for the recruitment of more Fijian workers under the PALM Scheme.

PS Cawaru expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the employer for believing in our people and providing much-needed assistance and attention to our workers to thrive and be productive during a courtesy visit yesterday.


“MQ Griffith is quite distinctive as they provide incentives through the provision of an AUD 20 bonus top-up to workers for their timely clock-in and clock-out daily attendance, which is a great incentive in ensuring that workers arrive on time to work, and this also portrays how the employer values the effort and contribution of its workers,” said PS Employment.
“The employer, MQ Griffith, first recruited 36 Fijians in March this year and has returned for the third time to recruit another 40 workers, followed by an additional 20 in a few months.”

These new recruitments are referrals from high-performing workers working for MQ Griffith and some from the Ministry’s work-ready pool.

“Referrals under the PALM Scheme employment opportunity refers to the selection of any potential Fijian worker based on the recommendation of the good performing worker to the employer. This could be a family or a community member, a friend or anyone a worker thinks fit for the work required and provided they go through the NEC processes,” articulated PS Cawaru.

The Employment Permanent Secretary extended his appreciation to these Fijian workers for their excellent performance and for opening more doors of opportunities for their loved ones and other Fijians who also wish to be part of the scheme in the future.

He urged other Fijians currently engaged under the scheme to also “raise the bar”, as displayed by the Griffith Fijian workers, for more job openings for our locals.

The employer was also accompanied by one of our hard-working Fijians, Isimeli Tukana, who recently joined MQ Griffith in April this year to share his experiences and the required expectations from workers once deployed, as the work involved requires some level of fitness both physically and mentally.


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