Munich, Germany: For the fifth time in seven years, the French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League. 

Bayern Munich eliminated PSG from the UCL title chase last night by scoring twice at their home Allianz Arena. PSG had already fallen behind Bayern’s uncompromising defence 1-0 in the first leg, which was played at Parc des Princes.

Bayern eliminated PSG from the title race with two impressive goals last night at the Allianz Arena. Choupo Moting, a former member of the PSG team, opened the scoring in the 61st minute with help from Leon Christoph Goretzka, who made it simple for Moting to score against his old team.

The Cameroon Nationalist have been attacking and maintaining possession of the ball since the first half, applying pressure to PSG’s defence. 

Since the beginning of the first half, the PSG defence has been a challenge for Messi and Mbappe. Messi came close to scoring in the 25th minute, but Munich’s goalkeeper somehow stopped him.

PSG had multiple chances to score in the opening period and tie the game. Bayern’s goalie overreached in the 38th minute, leaving the net unguarded. However, De Ligt brilliantly prevented the star ball from going into the nets. 

Bayern was given two offside goals, the first coming from Muller in the 48th minute and the second coming from Sadio Mane in the 90+4th minute of play. The match could’ve ended as 4-0 if the flag wasn’t raised. After the final whistle, the score read 2-0 for Bayern.

The head coach of Bayern Munich, Julian Nagelsmann, was reportedly incensed by the official determination that the goal was offside. He was seen yelling and yelling with PSG players on the bench.

The World Cup champion was eliminated by Bayern once more. Because Messi suffered a crushing 8-2 loss in the UCL quarterfinal, many football fans believed he would again be eliminated at Allianz Arena. Unfortunately, their prediction was true. 

Messi and Ronaldo’s argument erupted once more as the Argentine failed to perform well against Bayern, while the Portuguese shocked Bayern in 2017 in both games at the Allianz Arena and Santiago Bernabeu. 

The semifinal match ended 6-3 on aggregate, and Madrid eventually won the UCL trophy by defeating Juventus in the championship game.

At the Allianz Arena, Sergio Ramos, the former defender and captain of Real Madrid, once again showed his brilliance. His excellent defending temporarily kept Munich’s assaults pinned, but it proved insufficient.

Ramos attempted two beautiful headers and came close to scoring. The ball almost missed the goalpost on the first attempt, and the goalkeeper saved the second attempt. Despite his outstanding effort, he fell short of six-time UCL winners.

According to football experts, one of the primary factors in PSG’s downfall was poor player selection. After an hour of play, they were already down 2-0, but still, they decide to test their young players instead of attacking with veteran players, which didn’t go well for PSG and confirmed their elimination from the title chase.



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