According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the New START nuclear weapons reduction treaty between Russia and the United States has been suspended. This jeopardises the ultimate accord managing the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals.

On Tuesday, Putin commented in his much-delayed annual address to the Russian National Assembly. Following Putin’s address, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the treaty cancellation was “reversible.”


The agreement limits the number of nuclear missiles with deployed intercontinental ranges that the US and Russia may have. It was last extended for five years in early 2021, indicating that discussions between the two sides on a new weapons control agreement will begin shortly.

In yesterday’s address, he also emphasises that the Ministry of Defense must ensure Russia is ready to test its nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin says Russia is suspending participation in the last remaining nuclear weapons treaty with the US.

NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg remarked that Russia’s decision to suspend participation in START bilateral nuclear arms control treaty had rapidly increased the threat of a nuclear conflict. He urged President Putin to reconsider and not make any decisions in a hurry and aggression.

US President Joe Biden stated that Moscow would never be successful in triumphing over its neighbour. Ukraine is expecting USA to deliver GPS-Guided bombs that can hit targets 72km away. Boeing, on Jan. 20, received a $40.5 mln order from the Air Force.

ON Putin’s decision to suspend the START treaty, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky showed his concerns. He demanded another sanction against the Russian nuclear industry.

Zelensky stated that he is working to put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions against two hundred people working for the Russian nuclear industry and ensure that sanctions against the Russian atomic industry become part of global sanctions against Russia for the war.



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