Sofia, Bulgaria’s science and innovation-based nonprofit organization, Spinoff Bulgaria, is thrilled to introduce their enlightening keynote session at the SpinOff conference.

SpinOff Bulgaria speaker and President of European AI Forum EAIF, General Manager of KI Bundesverband, Daniel Abbou, will take the stage from 15:00 to 15:20 on 29.09.2023. 


Daniel Abbou is not only the President of the European AI Forum (EAIF) but also the General Manager of KI Bundesverband, the German AI Association. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Daniel is a trailblazer in the world of AI and innovation. 

In his current role, which he assumed in May 2020, Daniel leads the German AI Association, overseeing crucial aspects such as political and press communication and providing support for funding projects. 

He has an impressive track record, having previously founded AI Hub Europe and served as an advisor to politicians and companies in the AI sphere. 

Daniel Abbou’s career has been marked by his involvement in various ministries of finance and economics, where he served as a press spokesman.

 Notably, he was the spokesman for the former Senator of Finance and the current State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, Ulrich Nußbaum. He also held the position of deputy government spokesman in the first Baden-Württemberg cabinet of Winfried Kretschmann.

 Daniel’s passion for digitization and innovation has been a constant throughout his career, from his early days as a television and radio journalist covering new technologies to his current leadership in the AI arena.


 His insights and vision are invaluable, and we can’t wait to hear him share his perspectives at the conference. 

At last, while continuing with the keynote session, SpinOff Bulgaria urged people to join the enlightening keynote session with Daniel Abbou to delve into the future of AI and its impact on innovation, policy, and society. 

“It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss,” they quoted.

Reportedly, the Keynote session will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Friday, September 28, 2023, and Saturday, September 29, 2023.

This Keynote Session included several aspects, including the EAIF Forum, Fund of Funds in Bulgaria, FMFIB, etc.

READ HERE: About EAIF Forum:

The European AI Forum (EAIF). This forward-thinking initiative, launched in June 2020 during the Croatian Presidency over the Council of the European Union, is on a mission to shape the future of AI in Europe.

 At EAIF It sets the agenda for how AI is approached in Europe, focusing on policy and entrepreneurship. Their goal is to serve as a dynamic platform where entrepreneurs and policymakers unite to chart the path forward for European AI innovation jointly. 

EAIF’s key goals align perfectly with the EU’s mission to accelerate investment in AI, shape AI strategies, and harmonize European policies, thereby avoiding fragmentation and fostering a human-centric AI ecosystem. 

Together, they aim to raise awareness, showcase AI’s myriad benefits, and support talent growth in the AI ecosystem, representing over 2,000 AI companies across Europe. 

READ MORE: About Fund of Funds in Bulgaria FMFIB

Fund of Funds in Bulgaria missions are to centre around the effective management of the Fund of Funds, co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds), with assets exceeding EUR 600 million. 

Dedicated to fostering investment in strategic sectors, Fund of Funds employs diverse financial instruments to mobilize private and public resources. 

Their impact spans critical areas, including SME development, municipal and social infrastructure, energy efficiency, technology transfer, etc. 

By enhancing access to innovative financial solutions for Bulgarian SMEs and mid-caps, they structure guarantee, debt, equity, and mezzanine products channelled through selected financial intermediaries.

 Their commitment to driving economic growth and innovation is truly commendable. 

Established in 2015 and wholly owned by the Bulgarian state, the Fund of Funds is pivotal in combining resources earmarked to implement financial instruments under the national operational programmes. 

Their focus areas encompass Regions in growth, Innovation and competitiveness, Environment, and Human resources development. 

This multi-faceted approach underscores their dedication to propelling Bulgaria’s economic and technological advancement. 



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