Video shows how Russian forces trashed everything in Kherson

Everything was trashed, stolen, and covered in shit: A school in Kherson Oblast saw the "Russian world". A video depicting the barbaric actions carried out by Russian forces in Ukraine was released on the @ekaterinaNWO Twitter account. They defecated in other rooms and closets, stole laptops, and took other items from the school that the ongoing conflict had damaged.

Twitter confirms that it received offer from billionaire Elon Musk

Twitter on Tuesday has confirmed that it has again received an offer from billionaire and richest man Elon Musk, which has placed an offer to take over the social media company for the initial price of $54.2 per share.

Twitter removes map showing Ladakh, J&K outside India!

A handful of Hindu groups have filed a police grievance against Twitter nation chief after politically susceptible areas were illustrated outside a map of...

Twitter may now be held directly responsible for every single tweet in India!

Twitter's negligence to comply with the Indian government's current Information Technology laws has increased interrogations about its intermediary situation in the nation. As a...

Twitter Blue, a $3 monthly subscription service, could be coming soon

This is good news for Twitter users who are prone to typos: Twitter Blue, which costs $2.99 ​​a month, seems to be on the...

Your Chance is Finally Here to Get Verified on Twitter

After Twitter announced a review of the verification process late last year, it's almost ready to ship. Over the past several months, the company...

Kentaro Miura, ‘Berserk’ manga creator, dies aged 54

Kentaro Miura, maker of the renowned manga comic arrangement "Wild," has passed on at 54 years old, his distributor said Thursday.  Miura kicked the bucket...

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READ HERE: Unique Facts about Stone of Dwarves in Scotland

The Stone of Dwarves is a colossal mountain, expanding from the land at an equal altitude of three miles. The Dwarfie Stone is a megalithic chambered tomb carved out of a titanic block of Devonian Old Red Sandstone which is located in a steep-sided glaciated valley between the settlements of Quoys and Rackwick on Hoy, an island in Orkney, Scotland. The Dwarfie stone is a glacial erratic stone located in desolate peatland.

France-based Rikki K Mathey attends Grand Wedding in a beautiful magnifique yellow dress

France-based Rikki K Mathey recently visited a grand wedding ceremony of her friends Nicolas Gnr and Garedine Goh. She expressed her gratitude and pleasure and wished the two a joyous and beautiful married life.

US-based Sheilah Sheldon introduces her American mother, shares her journey

The United States-based artist Sheilah Sheldon expressed her deep love and affection and introduced her America-based mother to the people and shared his life journey of how she shifted to Texas; while narrating her story, Sheilah Sheldon also shared how Lynn Ngugi's interview completely transformed her life.

Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London honours Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London organized a special celebration in honour on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, and of Georgi Gospodinov and the prestigious Booker Prize, with which his novel "Time Refuge" was excellent in Angela Rodel's perfect translation at the Grand Hall of the Royal Geographic Society in London.

KNOW HERE ABOUT: Unique Features of Bishop’s Castle at Hamar, Norway

The Bishop's Castle is the world's oldest castle at Hamar in Norway in the early 13th century. The Bishop's Castle was built by Bishop Peter, who felt the need for more protection and protection against enemies. The castle contained everything necessary to withstand a long siege. There were, among other things, three wells, a roasting house, a baking oven, wine cellars, bedrooms and meeting rooms. The castle was attacked several times, the last time during the Seven Years' War with the Swedes.